This is a digital art in a special way. It is a watercolor painting on canvas, digitized and stylized in Photoshop CC. The hidden message with this art requires a software to decipher.
Red color is for heart and earthy yellow represent human-beings and all they need is love ! 
Created first cut with some guides (without any gridlines)
Finished outlines with Sharpie.
First round of coloring with vermilion.
My daughter meticulously helping it come to life using the Sharpie !
Painted it bright red with a mix of carmin, vermilion and fluorescent orange watercolor.
Finished work after two rounds of watercolor coating and earthy yellow for highlighting.
Finished canvas. Earthy yellow is used to give it Indian tribal art style. Edges also darkened for a specific purpose.
Transitions from outline to finished work..
Another transition.
Final scanned version of Canvas.
Digital transformation of "All you need is love" with Photoshop CC, oil paiting filter and vibrance correction.
"All you need is love" by Aditi Singh & Aditya Falodiya
Mixed media, watercolor on canvas, Digitized with Photoshop CC.
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